Advanced Behavioral Health Counseling

Specializing in Group, Individual, Coaching and Marital Therapy

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We live in a complicated world full of challenges that at times can be overwhelming. Sometimes handling problems by yourself doesn’t work. You begin to ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”… “Why is this happening to me?” You’re hurt, or feeling exhausted, struggling with anxiety, depression, employment issues, substances or relationships. You’re not alone! We all need help at some point in our lives.

Counseling can help when our lives become unmanageable due to life’s pressures. My goal as a therapist is to help clients confront the obstacles that keep them stuck and help them find their own compass.

Taking the next step and seeking therapy is challenging, but ultimately a rewarding decision. Socrates said, "It is the unexamined life that is not worth living." It is arduous work to reflect on your life and see how you contribute to it and what improvements are still to come. I would be honored to enter this journey with you. There is no judgment here.